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Dinu Afrika Grow Programme

What is the GROW Programme?

Dinu Afrika presents the Student Work and Entrepreneurship Experience Program which is a competitive skill advancement and corporate experience program for students who are interested in the fast paced and ever evolving environment of Media, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. The student who enrolls in the program will have an opportunity to assist in managing live brands, creating content and running a business unit as done in large organisations. The knowledge, experience and feedback the student gain from this Dinu Afrika Grow Program will give them competitive edge when they enter the job market, starting their own businesses or remain in the team.

Oh nice, so how do I join?

So first off, understand that we recruit based on our staffing needs.

Secondly, you must be a registered student at any Durban based higher learning institution.

Last, these are the requirements we often look for:

–          High communication skills, in writing and verbally.

–          Good knowledge and skills on Microsoft Office such as Word, Excel and Power Point.

–          Fluency in English, with an emphasis on good grammar and spelling.

–          Ability to write crisp, engaging copy.

–          Candidate must have a creative eye, and a pay careful attention to detail.

–          Must be a registered tertiary institution student.

–          Must be active on at least 3 social media platforms.

–          Must reside in Durban.

–          Submit your CV and a written piece with no less than 400 words about your brand story.

Cool, so where can I see new opportunities?

We post new GROW Programme opportunities on social media, so make sure you follow is on all our social media platforms.

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